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Nr. 47 – Season 1

It is hard to find a place in this world, especially as a young adult. There are so many influences, so many opinions and so many possibilities. The 20 years old Eveline has just moved out from home and is excited to finally have a life on her own away from the constant opinion of her mother. She can just be young, free and do whatever she wants – right? Well, not quite. Living alone does not only mean freedom it also means stress and responsibility. Not only with money, work and household but also with her boyfriend Yannik.


Company: SRF – Swiss Television

Director: Samuel Morris

Cast: Elsa Langnäse, Lorena Handschin, Gabriel Noah Maurer, Ali Erkut

Script: Adrian Spring

My Position:  Production Coordinator

Genre: Web Series

Language: Swiss German

Running Time: 4 Episodes / 20-30 min