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Nr. 47 – Season 2

The rapper and IT-student Dominic is the opposite of a sunny-boy. He is introverted, grumpy and often lost in his own thoughts. The fact that he is gay and hasn’t told anyone doesn’t help the situation and certainly not his relationships. Instead of openly talking about his feelings, he goes on meaningless sex-dates and makes sure that nobody knows what is really going on in his life. This plan works quite well – at least for a while.


Company: SRF – Swiss Television

Director: Samuel Morris

Cast: Gabriel Noah Maurer, Elsa Langnäse, Lorena Handschin, Ali Erkut, Antonio Ramón Luque

Script: Adrian Spring

My Position:  Production Coordinator

Genre: Web Series

Language: Swiss German

Running Time: 5 Episodes / 20-30 min