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Nr. 47 – Season 3

Kuzey is a trained chef and wants to impress the world with his skills. And what better platform to do so than YouTube? He has his own channel “Kuzey Kocht” and his fan community is growing. However, what starts as a hobby, quickly turns into an obsession and soon Kuzey`s videos are no longer about food but looks and fame. This is not only causing trouble with his family and friends but also with his neighbour Eveline. They just started dating and the last thing Kuzey wants is for their relationship to end. 

Company: SRF – Swiss Television

Director: Chanelle Eidenbenz

Cast:  Ali Erkut, Elsa Langnäse, Lorena Handschin, Gabriel Noah Maurer,

Script: Adrian Spring

My Position: Production Coordinator

Genre: Web Series

Language: Swiss German

Running Time: 5 Episodes / 20-30 min